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September 07, 2017 — BarryK

I recently setup a new blog at, using shellCMS, to post news about Easy OS and related Linux topics.

I was thinking of maybe setting up another blog at, for other topics.

However, have reconsidered. It used to be, I just had the one blog, "Barry's News", and it does seem wise to continue that. Everything in the one blog.

So, I have moved the blog from to, and given it a new top banner. Back to the old days, when I could post on any topic in the one blog!

Besides, what if one day, I move on from Easy OS, to another successor, say, SuperDog (or whatever)!

Note, moving this blog from one site to another is easy-peasy. All that I had to do was change the banner, and the remote-sync script to upload to a different URL. Oh, yes, also edited file config, changed the variable "global_site_url" from "" to "".

Tags: admin