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Old blog hyperlinks fixed

September 12, 2017 — BarryK

I posted recently that I have imported my old blogs into shellCMS:

A problem though, it was full of hyperlinks to earlier posts in the blogs, in the form of "" and in some cases to

Also, perhaps odd, but PPLOG stores hyperlinks in the posts as normal html <a> tags, but in comments as [url] bbcode tags.

Google has spidered my site, and it has picked up all of these broken links as valid, some of them anyway. for example, actually goes to, so is technically not a broken link.

I spent all day today, writing a script to fix all those old links, so they now point to the correct page in the new archived blog.

There are still broken links in, as I had imported my previous blog (at into it. Intend to fix that next.

Modified the script a little bit, and applied it to the blog you are reading now. Fixed all of those links.

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