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OpenEmbedded x86_64 x32

October 19, 2017 — BarryK

I recently received an email from Jorge, asking if I was still interested in x86_64 x32 mode. He has been playing with a x32 port of Debian.

I did briefly look at OE and x32 mid-2016:

At first I thought, don't really want to get back into that. For a speed gain and smaller binaries, there are a lot of hassles. Some packages will not compile, some will need patches, some might compile then not work properly.

Nevertheless, I got intrigued and decided to see how far a x32 build will get in my latest OE port.

My blog posts on OE:

My port of OE:

Debian x32 port:

More useful links:

Jorge has reported difficulty with compiling SeaMonkey, but he has some patches, in case I want to tackle it.

Don't know yet. Just playing. OE is rocketing along right now, showing 18% complete, no compile failures so far.

EDIT 2017-10-19:

Got up this morning, examined the overnight compile. OE has completed the build, 650 packages successfully compiled (18 of those are no-arch, not needing compilation), only 6 failures.

The failures are:

kodi, hiawatha, xf86-video-sis, notecase, xine-lib, firefox

This is very good. Even the big guy, LibreOffice, succeeded.

EDIT 2017-10-20:

I imported the binary packages into woofQ, then stopped. This is too much of a diversion. It is going to bring with it a heap of issues. Nah, backing off. I am interested in revisiting OpenEmbedded, but only for x86_64, x86 and arm builds.

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