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Sakura terminal emulator

October 25, 2017 — BarryK

There has been feedback on the forum, users not happy with urxvt and it's cousins. Recently writing documentation for Easy OS, I had to explain in a few places, the lack of support for normal clipboard copy and paste.

The time has come to do something about it. In Quirky Pyro64, I have compiled Sakura, a very nice GTK-based terminal emulator. It requires vte, that I also compiled.

Sakura presents the user with a simple uncluttered window, and a mouse right-click brings up a menu, that does all that you would want. Oh yes, clipboard copy and paste included!

Note, the vte package is a library, but it also has a simple terminal emulator, named "vte". This is probably useful for calling from scripts.

Sakura will be in the next release of Quirky Pyro64 (and Easy Pyro64). It is integrated in ROX-Filer, so that it will start when click the "console" icon on the desktop, and via the ROX right-click menu and the back-tick hot-key.

However, urxvt is retained, as many scripts require it. Some scripts use CLI options that Sakura does not understand -- and Sakura will not start. If I do eventually get rid of urxvt, I will need to write wrapper scripts for urxvt, rxvt and xterm.

Here is the Sakura project page:

The last version supporting GTK2 is 2.4.2, see here:

Ditto, the same problem with vte, the last version that supports GTK2 is 0.28.2, see here:

There is absolutely nothing wrong with these older versions, Sakura works perfectly!

Tags: quirky