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rox-filer, shared-mime-info tweaks

June 09, 2018 — BarryK

In ROX-Filer file manager, when you click on the little "home" icon at top of window, it will open a window at the user's home directory. In the case of Puppy that is /root, however with Quirky I want to open at /file, and for Easy at /mnt/wkg/home.

I have modified the rox-filer source so that it detects if running in Quirky or Easy, or if not then opens at ~ (/root for Puppy).

Some of my shell scripts have a shebang line "#!/bin/ash" and ROX-Filer does not recognise this as an executable. The reason for this is the shared-mime-info package, which recognises such a file as plain-text only.

I have patched shared-mime-info to recognise "ash" and "dash" scripts as shell executables.

These fixes are to be found in my online "oe-qky-src" fork of OpenEmbedded ( June 8 and 9):

Note, I deliberately use an old version of shared-mime-info, 0.90, as I found that recent versions have stuffed up recognition of text files. Many text files in woofQ and Easy/Quirky/Puppy are mis-identified, which results in Geany and other text editors refusing to open them, and in the case of ROX-Filer not offering to open in a text-editor in the right-click "Open With..." menu.

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