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android-tools and adbfs-rootless in OE

August 08, 2018 — BarryK

I want to incorporate simple automatic-discovery file transfer to and from my phones into EasyShare. So far, have investigated 'adbfs-rootless', which is a fuse filesystem for adb:

'adb' is a utility from Google, a kind of communication bridge between a PC and Android phone. I have used this utility many time before, for example:

It would be good to have the 'adb' and 'fastboot' utilities in every future EasyOS and Quirky, so 'android-tools' in OpenEmbedded is now in the package build-list:

Then created a new recipe for 'adbfs' (actually 'adbfs-rootless') and added that to the package build-list:

The instructions to use adbfs are only given for usb-connection. Basically, usb-debugging has to be turned on in the phone, no special app required. In EasyOS, it was very simple:

# mkdir /mnt/phone
# adbfs /mnt/phone

...navigate ROX-Filer to /mnt/phone, and there is my phone, everything available. Some areas are unavailable, due to the phone not being rooted, however, I can access all my files in /mnt/phone/sdcard.

This is good, definitely a contender to be integrated into EasyShare!

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