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Quirky Xerus 8.6 released

August 16, 2018 — BarryK

Quirky Linux 8.6 is the latest in the "Xerus" series, binary-compatible with x86_64 Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS, though built with woofQ and architecturally very different from Ubuntu.
Quirky is an experimental distribution, that forked from Puppy Linux a few years ago, and has followed a different path, exploring some new ideas. Continuing the Puppy tradition, Quirky has a "complete" suite of applications, drivers and utilities, in a very small size.
Version 8.6 is an incremental upgrade from 8.5, with package upgrades and architectural improvements. The SeaMonkey web browser is now 2.49.4 and the Linux kernel 4.14.63. EasyShare, simple network file and printer sharing, continues to evolve, and now supports connection to an Android phone.

Release notes:

There is a choice to download either a ISO file for a CD, or an image for a USB flash drive:

Instructions to install:

There are some alternative install scripts, for those experienced on the Linux commandline:

The latest woofQ, as used to build Quirky 8.6, is here:

Forum feedback thread, discussion of 8.6 starts on page 53:

Have fun!

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