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Retired from Puppy project, etc.

September 23, 2018 — BarryK

I receive a couple of emails per day from users of Puppy Linux or a derivative. A lot of people don't know that I am retired from the Puppy project, and ask me for help with XenialPup etc. Or, advise me what should be done.

This has increased a bit recently, as a couple of people have mentioned being unable to register on the Puppy Forum.

Maybe I need to put some "rules of contact" on the Contact Me page (see above). Anyway, posting here for now...

I retired from leading the Puppy Linux project in 2013, now just dabbling in some experimental distros, Quirky and EasyOS.

Furthermore, Quirky and EasyOS are very much just hobbies. I'm not really interested whether they become mainline or widely-adopted distributions. So, I am not trying to develop them toward suitability for a wide user-base. On the otherhand, if a wider user-base find them useful, that's OK also.

My interest is in the technology, just to play around with ideas, and have something usable for myself, and usable also for those involved in providing feedback and testing.

For those with Puppy-specific questions, please ask at the Puppy Forum:

If unable to do so, like being unable to register, or it is down, there are two alternative Puppy forums:

Feedback about Quirky should be directed here:

Feedback about EasyOS:

I don't mind receiving emails, as long as not too many. If the forums are unsuitable for whatever reason, and the feedback is Quirky or EasyOS related, or something else that you think would be of interest to me, then yeah, no problem.

One thing though, don't try an involve me in some project. I receive offers regularly, to become involved in something. Please don't. I am retired, introspective, enjoying pottering around in the garden, don't want to be involved in any project, no matter how great it is.

As an example, a chap contacted me yesterday, via the Contact Me form, with a proposal to raise money for spreading Quirky/EasyOS to a wide audience. I do appreciate the enthusiasm!

Yeah, might put a link from the Contact Me page, to something like the above.

EDIT 20180928:
'David' sent me an email, informing of another place to go for Puppy Linux discussion:

Which reminded me, there is also something on Facebook...

And if you really want to know about every Puppy-Linux-and-derivatives forum/blog/social-media site out there:, thanks to you guys who maintain!

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