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Raspup Buster 8.2.0 released

January 01, 2020 — BarryK

Do you have a Raspberry Pi board? Is it neglected? -- well, dust it off, there is a new Puppy Linux release for the Pi, created by Michael Amadio (01micko in the Puppy Forum). Mick sent me an email, quoting:

Hot on the tails of your Easy release I have released Raspup Buster 8.2.0.

It supports all the main Pi boards but not compute module - well untested at least.

Give it a spin!

You can also get involved, read the experiences of others, provide feedback, in this thread in the Puppy Forum:


Mick does state that it is tested on the Pi0, Pi3 and Pi4, and should probably work on the Pi1 and Pi2. I have a Pi2B and a Pi3B, so will fire up the latter. 

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