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Ye olde Woof2 Puppy builder

April 01, 2020 — BarryK

Woof2 was the build system for Puppy, and was online in a Fossil repository, until 2013 when it was forked to Woof-CE on github, and I closed down Woof2.

The last pups to be built with Woof2 were Wary and Racy 5.5, see here:

Woof-CE is a community project, and has changed a lot since 2013. Today I received an email from Michael, asking if the original Woof2 Wary/Racy builder is still available. Well, it is possible to checkout the original checkin of Woof-CE, here is the project site:

'dimkr' cloned woof-CE sometime ago, and this link has pretty much the original Woof2:

...the 0.1 release is very close to Woof2, and is available as a tarball here:

...most important, one of the commits is '01micko' restored the symlinks that were lost in the original fork from Woof2. 

There is an actual Fossil repo of Woof2. Puppy Forum member 'idolse' created mpdPup, a Puppy Linux music server/jukebox, and to achieve that, he forked Woof2:

...if you login as anonymous, go to "Files" and you will see this text:

Files of check-in [edf062515a] in the top-level directory the square-brackets is a link to download the tarball. Ah, here is a direct link, no need to login to the Fossil repo:

...this is dated March 26, 2013, and this would be pure Woof2 as-it-was, though idolse will probably have made some changes, though looking around, it seems all as I recall Woof2 to be. Yep, has  woof-distro/x86/pet-based/racy and wary, version 5.5. 

Oh, for anyone curious about mpdPup: 

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