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Murga Forum is up, read-only

August 09, 2020 — BarryK

The Puppy Forum, created and maintained by John Murga until his recent passing away, has been in maintenance-mode for over a month. No one had his login details, not even family members, so the forum stayed down, until today.

The domain is registered with and the site is hosted with I have been in contact with the executor of John's Will and have obtained sufficient information to satisfy Linode tech support, and we were granted login.

We are still waiting on, as we need to be able to renew the registration.

My experience is with conventional shared hosting only (at, and Linode's cloud hosting was perplexing when I logged in! I am familiar with having everything setup, nice Control Panel. Linode do things differently. I asked James Budiono (jamesbond in the forums) for help, and wow, he did, got the forum out of maintenance mode, and here it is:

Please treat it as read-only, don't login or post anything.

At this stage, we are uncertain about the future of the Murga Forum. There are so many links to it, that we probably do need to keep it running. I think that it is on a US$5 per month plan with Linode, and then there is the name registration cost. The phpBB forum is running on a very old version of PHP, and maybe it is a bit shaky. We may end up seeking a volunteer who is prepared to look after it. 

Tags: linux