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OpenEmbedded/Yocto Dunfell meta-quirky first release

September 27, 2020 — BarryK

A few years ago, I created "oe-qky-src", a port of OpenEmbedded cross-compiler build system, with recipes to build nearly all the packages required for woofQ -- the latter is the build system for Quirky Linux or EasyOS. WoofQ is a derivative of Woof2, as is woof-CE that is used to build the latest official releases of Puppy Linux.

"oe-qky-src" is in a git repository:

...that has my "meta-quirky" layer for OE. It is based on the "Pyro" release of OE/Yocto.

"oe-qky-src" is getting a bit "long in the tooth", so I decided to do a complete update, based on the latest release of OE/Yocto, named "Dunfell".

A couple of weeks of very intense work later, and we now have the first release. I have decided not to put this onto a git repository, instead it is just a tarball:

Download it, expand it, and type in a few commands, and several hours later you have compiled 755 packages! Detailed instructions here:

...the readme is also inside the tarball.

One point: it does include 'pulseaudio'. With "oe-qky-src" there was only 'alsa', but this time I decided to include 'pulseaudio', despite reservations, as it is very difficult to implement bluetooth audio without 'pulseaudio'. I will build EasyOS from these packages and see how it goes.

If I change my mind, it is easy to remove 'pulseaudio' and recompile everything.

Those compiled packages can be imported into any woof* derivative. However, the '0pre-oe' and '0pre-oe-add' scripts are required to perform the import, and they are currently only in woofQ -- furthermore, I fixed some bugs in those scripts yesterday, and have not yet uploaded the latest woofQ tarball. Intend to do so soon.

I think, in theory, if you are a Puppy Linux developer using woof-CE, you should be able to use those scripts, but there are some differences from woofQ, so you would need to look through the scripts and make sure they are woof-CE-compatible.

Oh, another thing, Woof* has a directory 'packages-templates' and the one in woofQ has diverged somewhat from that in woof-CE. This might affect the functioning of some packages when a Puppy build is done, that is when run the '2createpackages' script.

Here is the package list:

Anyway, lots of fun. Certainly a very niche audience, as although 755 packages seems like a lot, it is tiny compared with the package repositories of the major distributions such as Debian -- note though, that 755 is "whole" packages, not split-up ones -- Debian will typically split an original package into 2 - 4 DEBs, so that 755 would become >1500 packages! 

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