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Iceape-UXP an alternative to SeaMonkey

October 06, 2020 — BarryK

I received an email from Luke, advising me of Iceape-UXP, an alternative browser suite, that does not require Rust to compile. Quoting from his email:

I was reading your blog the last several days for minimalist inspiration and noticed you disliked Rust as a dependency as well. There is an alternative with UXP:

Iceape-UXP has no rust dependency, we maintain it here:

I got the latest Iceape and Icedove from the git repository, as well as the recommended thunderbird source, and had a go at compiling Icedove. It requires python2 and I used the same PET of python2 that I had used to compile SM. Unfortunately, got a python error when compiling Icedove, and as it was late at night, left it at that. I was running the EasyOS Dunfell build.

Might take another look sometime, perhaps try on EasyOS 2.4.1, the Buster series, which already has python2. Nice to know that we do have a choice. 

Tags: linux