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Extra patches applied to bash in OE

December 27, 2020 — BarryK

I reported about a nasty bug in bash, running in EasyOS Dunfell 0.101 and earlier:

I recompiled bash in running Easy Dunfell, with patches from Debian, and created a PET, then released Easy 0.102.

However, it needs to be fixed in OpenEmbedded. The bash recipe in OE applies patches 001 to 016, however, I see from here, that 017 and 018 are available:

And it looks like 017 fixes the bug. So, in my fork of OE, I have created meta-quirky/recipes-extended/bash/bash_5.0.bbappend:

# BK 20201227 bash compiled in OE has a serious bug:
# it looks like patch #17 will fix it. see list of patches here:

PR = "r1"

SRC_URI += " \
${GNU_MIRROR}/bash/bash-${PV}-patches/bash50-017;apply=yes;striplevel=0;name=patch017 \

SRC_URI[patch017.sha256sum] = "4cf3b9fafb8a66d411dd5fc9120032533a4012df1dc6ee024c7833373e2ddc31"
SRC_URI[patch018.sha256sum] = "7c314e375a105a6642e8ed44f3808b9def89d15f7492fe2029a21ba9c0de81d3"

I have recompiled bash in OE, and will use this in the next release of Easy Dunfell, instead of the PET. 

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