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Fixes for OpenEmbedded Dunfell build

December 19, 2020 — BarryK

I have a fork of OpenEmbedded (OE), Dunfell release, to build most of the packages required for EasyOS.

Note that EasyOS Buster-series, currently at version 2.5.3, is built with Debian Buster 10.7 DEBs, but also does use some PETs that were compiled in OpenEmbedded Pyro. There is also an experimental EasyOS Dunfell-series built entirely from the packages compiled in OpenEmbedded Dunfell.

OE Dunfell is not in a git repository, only uploaded as tarballs, here:

Jon (scsijon in the forum) has been testing the tarball, trying to do a complete compile on his computer, but has hit failures:

So, I tried a build, on a host system running EasyOS 2.5.4 (not yet released), and also hit failures. Then I tried EasyOS Pyro64 1.3, also failures. Hmmm, interesting, considering I had done the build before, many times, and it ran right through.

I don't know why OE is failing to compile or install some packages, that succeeded before. Very odd. Anyway, went through, fixed them, and now have a tarball that works for me, on both EasyOS Buster 2.5.4 and Pyro 1.3:

I have reported to the forum, and Jon will give it a go.

OE Dunfell is using the 5.4 kernel, however, I want to base EasyOS Dunfell-series on the 5.10 kernel, so have now attempted to bump the kernel, and now doing a compile of OE Dunfell.

OE is very complicated, hope that I have got the kernel-bump right. We shall see. Have applied the CAP_SYS_MOUNT patch also. 

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