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Fatdog64 811 works real nice

October 12, 2021 — BarryK

Fatdog64 version 811 is the latest in the Fatdog puppy-derivative distribution. Using it, it seems very much like a puppy, UI, menu-structure, heaps of apps, but there are differences -- most notable is the Gslapt package manager instead of PPM in the pups.

The last time that I reported on a release of FatDog was version 720, in 2017: might want to read that if interested in the history of FatDog. The developers are forum members kirk, jamesbond, step and SFR.

Version 811 was released on September 10, 2020, here is the announcement thread:

I did try 811 earlier, when attempting to get it to run in a container in EasyOS. What prompted me to play with it again, is Gcmartin recommended it for my old HP workhorse PC with "new" Nvidia GeForce 210 GT218 video card, for which the 'nouveau' kernel module does not work. I posted about that a few days ago:

Yes, Fatdog is particularly useful for booting up with troublesome video cards. The boot menu includes "disable radeon driver", "disable nouveau driver" and "severe video problems" choices.

The last two both work for me. Choosing to disable the nouveau kernel driver causes a kernel commandline parameter "blacklist:nouveau". Choosing "severe video problems" causes a kernel commandline "nomodeset".

Actually, they have the same effect. In the second case, the nouveau kernel module loads, but with modesetting disabled, which effectively disables it.

So, with no kernel GPU driver loaded, Xorg will start with whatever framebuffer mode is in effect at bootup. Which is interesting. I see that Fatdog has these:


A significant difference with EasyOS is it has:

CONFIG_FB_UVESA is not set

Anyway, back onto Fatdog 811, my impressions are it is pleasant to use, with everything that you would want for configuring. And of course lots of apps, including LibreOffice. Very good, I see also PuppyPhone and TigerVNC in the menu. X11vnc also.

At first, I grumbled that there was no hardinfo or pupsysinfo app, as I am accustomed to one of those in the "System" menu -- but hardinfo is there, you have to go to "Fatdog Control Panel" first.

And definitely can recommend Fatdog for booting on PC with troublesome video hardware!

EDIT 2021-10-18:
Fatdog64 version 812 is due out soon. Right now, there is 812 RC:    

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