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March 29, 2022 — BarryK

In case you have come here, hoping that I might know something; I don't really, except that it is being worked on.

The host suspended without any notification or explanation. If that seems a bit rude, yes, it is. A decent host provider should give an explanation.

Anyway, Erik (rockedge on the forum) is the main guy who has setup and maintains, and he has raised a support ticket.

I reckon, when Erik gets up again, he will deserve a few donations (there is a donation button on the forum).

It is not just this latest incident; keeping it all going requires ongoing maintenance.

Erik has a reply to the ticket, quoting an email from Erik:

We have a serious problem of DDOS attack. I noticed this but hoped it wasn't so. The host shut us down and I am fighting to get us back up

Information about DDOS:

If you want to chat with others in the pup-family, there is this alternative forum:

Note: is now up, but the forum is down. So I guess it is the forum that is being attacked.     

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