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FydeOS alternative to ChromeOS works on PCs

October 28, 2022 — BarryK

Today I stumbled across someone mentioning FydeOS, and alternative to ChromeOS. Recalled briefly looking at it sometime ago, decided worth another look...

What attracts me to ChromeOS is support for Android and Linux apps, and FydeOS also has this support. A significant difference is that FydeOS can be installed on "Windows" PCs.

ChromeOS is only available on Chromebooks; however, a bit of online reading revealed that Google have ChromeOS Flex, that can be installed on PCs -- unfortunately, it does not run Android apps, and a bit of further reading indicated problems with Linux apps.

FydeOS website:

There is also an open-source variant:

Differences between FydeOS and openFyde are explained here:

...not quite sure if read it correctly, seems to imply that openFyde does not support Android apps.

Very interesting, a 2-in-1 tablet with FydeOS is planned:

The Fydetab Duo has a pretty good SoC:

Reasonable specs:

...12.35 inch screen, stylus, weight with keyboard is 1.32Kg -- rather heavy.

It is being offered on Indiegogo:

Interesting. I could buy a Lenovo 2-in-1 Chromebook locally with similar specs, at about the same price.

It would be very interesting to install FydeOS to one of my PCs. They say it can dual-boot.    

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