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Surgery on thumb

February 06, 2024 — BarryK

Accident yesterday; I was drilling 3.5mm holes in some aluminium sheet, with a handheld electric drill, and holding the workpiece steady with my right hand. The drill-bit snapped, the drill veared sideways and down, and drilled right through my thumb. I know it was careless; should have used a g-clamp to hold the workpiece.

Anyway, the drill went in one side of the right thumb and exited through the nail on the other side, ripping up the nail. If that seems pretty ghastly, it is, except that there is a silver lining. The drill bit just missed the bone, and did not sever major nerves. The thumb is still basically functional.

Had surgery this morning, local anaesthetic. The surgeon removed the nail; and this very interesting -- she put it back on the thumb. A new nail will grow, but putting back the old nail helps to preserve the surface on which the new nail will grow.

Here is my hand, at home after the operation:


Here is some explanation of the surgical procedure, with pictures: doesn't mention replacing the original nail, but apparently that is the usual practice, see here:

I have to keep the hand elevated for a few days, which is a problem. Right now using the mouse with left hand, and one-hand typing. Awkward. Won't be doing much on the computer for awhile, maybe for next couple of weeks. Probably no work on the trike for several weeks.

Just to let you know. Won't be online much for awhile.    

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