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btrfs-progs with fscrypt patches

March 19, 2024 — BarryK

Recent posts about btrfs:

However, to support fscrypt, patches need to ba applied to 'btrfs-progs'. One of the main developers of btrfs is Josef Bacik, and he is the primary implementer of fscrypt support in btrfs. He has fscrypt patches for btrfs-progs:

I have compiled his btrfs-progs in EasyOS Kirkstone and created a PET:

For the record, this is how I configured the source:

# ./configure --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc --localstatedir=/var --with-crypto=builtin \
--with-convert='' --disable-python --disable-libudev --disable-zoned --disable-convert \
--disable-documentation --disable-backtrace

I uploaded the source tarball to ibiblio:

Need static binaries for the initrd. Here is the build recipe:     

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