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QV version 240409 pre-alpha uploaded

April 10, 2024 — BarryK

Download from here:

The md5sum is:


It is a bit bigger than the previous release, 1.3GB up from 1.1GB. The reason is have set zstd to compression level 3, whereas before it was 15. Want to see if it makes a noticeable difference in app startup time. ...for Firefox on my old Compaq Presario, not noticeably faster.

You will notice that the logo is just the letter "Q". That is just a whimsical thing I tried, wanted to see what it looks like in use, doesn't really "work".

If you want to do a frugal install direct to internal drive, and not bootup QV first on a usb-stick, can do. There is a script, 'qv-installer', that should work on most Linux distros. You will also need the 'mount-img' script. I will post the latest of these two scripts to the forum, here:

Grab those two scripts, remove the false ".gz", set as executable, and put them in /usr/bin or anywhere in the $PATH.

You then need to download 'qv-240409-amd64.img' and open a terminal where-ever it is downloaded to, then run, as the root user:

# qv-installer qv-240409-amd64.img

The script will check that you have all the required utilities and packages installed. For example, 'btrfs-progs' package.

Have fun, feedback welcome at the forum.

Oh yeah, the "update" icon on the desktop. That doesn't work. I have yet to figure out a strategy for updating.        

Tags: quirky