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$2B Android royalties

November 25, 2013 — BarryK
This is quite depressing:

As I understand it, Microsoft didn't have to really prove that their patents are valid, they just threatened and bullied the companies using Android to pay royalties.

Software patents should become illegal in the US (and Australia and everywhere else), as has been done in New Zealand:

However, there is this sobering assessment of what has really taken place in New Zealand:

Some analysts claim that the US is teetering on the verge of bankruptcy. That being the case, US judges are likely to bend (alright, break) the rules in favour of US companies wherever possible -- and given that patent royalties are such a nice earner for Microsoft, no way will the US ban software patents, or curb patent trolls.

Except if it works against a US company...

There was a software patents case recently between Samsung and Apple in the US. The President himself intervened in a court decision against Apple:


Live by the sword..."Dewbie"I'd like to see more of this:

Microsoft Corp suffered a defeat on Thursday when the Supreme Court upheld a record $290 million jury verdict against the software giant for infringing a small Canadian company's patent.

Regarding that, please see:
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- “Riots in America, US Agencies Prepare”

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