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February 06, 2014 — BarryK
I would like to thank efiabruni (Forum name) for her kindness in responding to my request for more security features for her pe_pplog, the blog that I am using.

efiabruni has been posting in this Forum thread:

Registration is now required, and a valid email address must be provided, to which a password is sent.

The username and password may then be used to post comments.

There is however one catch: the script doesn't support setting your own password, so you have to remember the one you are provided with. If you forget it, you will have to register under a different username.
The password is a number, not easy to remember, so needs to be written down.

User banning is now by email address. So, although someone can register multiple usernames with the same email address, they will all get banned if the email address is banned.

Also, only registered users can use the Contact Me page.

efia's latest pe_pplog code is here:

Note, I had to erase all prior comments. I will gradually put some back in.


So I can post more than once in a thread!

I wonder why I couldn't before? The title and content was different.

Now I have realised there is another problem, with line spacing.

I had adjusted the line spacing for code, but didn't realise that it affects this text also. Hmmm, doesn't look so good. I will ask efia her opinion what to do.

But, the spacing problem is probably only in this text-entry box. Once posted, the spacing should be OK.

So, as user BarryK, I can only post one comment to this thread.

This is probably a bug, I will check with efia.

So, all prior comments have been restored.

One thought has occurred to me. I don't see any reason why registered users should not be able to change their password. It is kept in one file, alongside username and email address.

I simple dialog that asks for username, email address and old password, then accepts a new one, and edits that data file.

I have already asked efia for so much, and she has been so helpful, but I will ask this one more thing, as I think you guys would very much want a password that you can remember.

The initial random password is required, as that is part of the security mechanism.

Note that efia has also made many improvements to the blog, apart from the security feature that I requested -- see the Puppy Forum link.

efia also has her own pe_pplog blog here:

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