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Comments enabled again

February 13, 2014 — BarryK
Those who have been monitoring my blog will know about the trouble with a perverted individual who has posted pornographic content to this blog.

Efia, the author of pe_pplog, very kindly implemented email registration, that I announced recently:

However, the offending individual then used a "disposable" email address.

Efia has come to the rescue again, and added some extra security features, including blocking of disposable email addresses.

We do have some extra security measures that we can take, if still needed.

Anyway, registration is back, as is posting comments, and the Contact Me page works again.


new release out torrent
I just checked at, FatDog is not registered there.

FatDog is a fork of Puppy, like Quirky, so is a distro in its own right. The main developer of FatDog needs to contact Ladislav at and request to be listed.

Distrowatch has a waiting period for new listings, due to the fact that so many new distros die after a very short time.
this combo will fail to post on pplog here.

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