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Bad purchases

November 12, 2014 — BarryK
I have explored various input devices to use with my Android smartphone.

Actually, I have my sights set on a Samsung Galaxy Note 4, as I am "sold" on its S-pen stylus. The Galaxy Note series have a Watcom detection layer on the screen, just like digitiser tablets, which makes the S-pen a delight to use.

Anyway, I don't own a Note 4, so I explored alternative input devices for my current Android phone (other than my finger, that is).

There is nothing that comes anywhere near an S-pen. That includes the bluetooth stylii that are available for smartphones.

But, I did make a couple of fairly budget purchases, a capacitive-pen and a bluetooth mouse. Both were a disaster. To warn others, I have created a special page:


Whenever a purchase is made from Deal Extreme, they ask for a review of the purchased product.

As my experience with the Seenda IBT-04 bluetooth mouse was negative, I posted a factual and polite, and quite restrained, negative report, awarding only one star (the minimum allowed).

My feedback did not get published.

I was wondering whether it would, as I had read elsewhere that Deal Extreme don't publish negative reports.

Which is pretty pathetic.

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