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Played with Gentoo

November 15, 2014 — BarryK
"Played", notice the past-tense.

I never really looked closely at Gentoo before. Yesterday I went through the whole install procedure. But, I didn't use Gentoo's bootstrap CD, I installed a Stage-3 tarball from my running Quirky 6.2.

it took a long time. Fiddling around, I felt like I was using Linux from 15 years ago.

I have documented every step, so if anyone wants to repeat my experiment, I can send you my notes.

At the end, I tried to do an "emerge seamonkey", but it reported a conflict between 'ffmpeg' and 'libav', as both cannot co-exist. However, it seems that some packages want libav, some want ffmpeg, which left me in a quandary.

So, I tried "emerge vlc", but it wanted package 'minizip', but there is no such package. There is a bit more to it than than that, but I couldn't figure out how to tell the system that minizip isn't actually needed.

I had been at it for about 12 hours, and I just ran out of patience.

Yeah, I could go to the Gentoo forum and ask, probably could solve those problems.
But, decided there is too much "messing around" and Gentoo is not for me.

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