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Raspberry Pi 2

February 04, 2015 — BarryK
Fascinating, a new Raspberry Pi with quad-core ARMv7 SoC:

Snappy Ubuntu Core is available for the Pi 2:

And Windows 10 is coming:


I have ordered one, from Element14 (used to be Farnell). They are the cheapest here in Australia.

The pi2 board is AU$38:

The pi2 actually has a bcm2836 processor. I sent them a message about that yesterday. They had a thousand in stock yesterday, none now, so I have to wait until the next batch arrive (at their Singapore warehouse).

Postage is free for orders of AU$45 or greater, so I also ordered a case, AU$10:

This SoC can apparently run hot, so I would also like to get one of those little stick-on heatsinks.

There is a forum thread discussing this new pi2:

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