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Saygus V2 Super Phone

March 10, 2015 — BarryK
I regularly scan the news on what is happening with smartphone development. I have an agenda in the back of my mind, that involves smartphones -- but the right kind of phone has not yet arrived.

I was reading one of the mobile phone news sites today, and something really jumped out at me. Here is the page I was reading:

OK, this phone has incredible specs, but reading down, this is what jumped out:

Multi-Boot (supports booting from MicroSD card)

There are two SD card slots, that will support the new 200GB cards, so together with the inbuilt 64GB (emmc I think), that is a total of 464GB.

Actually, the huge storage capacity is the second thing that jumped out at me. I have grave reservations about storage in "the cloud", apart from its limited capacity and up/down transfer cost to keep it synced.
I want lots of local storage, and this phone gives me that.

No, the first thing that drew my attention was the dual-booting. Plug in an SD card and boot from it. What other phone offers that?
This will be great for my "in the back of my head" agenda.

There is some question though when the company will deliver a finished product. Apparently, although the hardware is there, a lot of it isn't working. Even the camera isn't working.
They have mentioned delivery in "Q2", but I wonder if that is just a wild guess.

I like the specs of this phone very much, but I will wait awhile until some more progress is reported on the hardware working.
Then, seriously considering placing an order.

There are some very interesting possibilities with a phone like this.
I have created a forum thread for discussion:


I thought that Saygus was expecting the Super Phone to be released in "Q2", though apparently they had indicated it would be sooner.

Now they are setting a date, May 22:

This is being reported as a delay, but it is still in the Q2 boundary.

For a tiny company trying to achieve so much, delays are to be expected. I will not be at all surprised if the the release falls back beyond May 22.

But, it will be a nice if it does ship on that date. That's about 9 weeks away.

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