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Mlais M52 smartphone

April 15, 2015 — BarryK
I posted recently about a data sim with 12GB per month for only AU$40 per month (about US$32), no contract, no extra surprise charges:

In that post, I stated that I want a 4G phone, so I have now ordered one. Dual-sim, plus sd-card. It is model M52, made by Mlais, a Chinese company:

It is a bargain-basement price, with a very fast 64-bit processor. Here is a review:

I ordered it from, for an all-up price of AU$224, even though I could have got it a tad cheaper elsewhere. The "aud" prefix on the URL has expedited courier delivery to Australia, quite fast:

I specifically wanted dual-sim plus sd-card. I have a low-cost long-term prepaid phone/text sim, plus my new 12GB data sim -- this combination is incredible. It is suitable as my only Internet account, I run the phone as a wifi hot-spot at home.

The M52 does have some weaknesses, apparently the battery life is not so good (but it is removable, and I have ordered a spare), but the cause of that is not yet determined. The camera is so-so.

There are some ideas I want to work on, and plan to buy another phone soon. There is an Elephone model that has some features that I want to experiment with.

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