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Andromium OS on Android

May 14, 2015 — BarryK
Puppy Forum member 'don570' posted about Andromium OS:

Link to here:

Andromium OS website:

I watched one of the videos. The developer mentioned that Chromecast can be used, however is laggy (I can confirm that!). He has posted this overview of MHL:

Also this blog about Chromecast:

My Mlais M52 has OTG but does not support MHL. This means that I am definitely on the lookout for a phone that does, and thanks to the above blog post, which clarifies the capabilities of the different MHL standards, I want MHL version 3.0.

So where does this leave Ubuntu Touch OS? Interesting question. Canonical has been reinventing the wheel for the last couple of years, whereas Andromium OS seems to be leveraging on what already exists. Furthermore, Andromium OS is already available, from the Google Play Store.

I will be testing it on my phone of course. Will report back!


I installed from here:

Yes, interesting, but...

It is definitely only proof-of-concept. Nice traditional desktop, very tiny on the phone screen of course. Immediately I noticed un-desktop behaviour, such as no support for right-click, no support for mouse-over, such as tooltips. Curses, have to double-click desktop icons to run them.

My first impression is that Ubuntu Touch will have a better chance to succeed, as it is embracing convergence, that is, look good and be usable in a small screen as well as large. Ditto Windows 10.

Whereas, Andromium is unusable on a smartphone, and must have a larger screen connected.
Which basically ends my interest in it.

Android also is evolving to work well on larger screens, especially with multitasking windows.
Softmaker Office HD for Android is an example of a full-featured tradtional UI that can accommodate itself to a small phone screen and be quite usable, albeit with a pointer device.

I won't rule out Andromium though. It could evolve to be usable on phone screens. If it was open sourced, it could take off.

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