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Logitech T630 Bluetooth mouse

May 06, 2015 — BarryK
I am gradually working toward my "master plan" of a smartphone that will completely replace my desktop computer, as per my "traveling light" agenda.

Part of that plan is to find compact keyboard and mouse. I have experimented with some mice, and today have purchased what might turn out to be "the" mouse for my needs.

The Logitech T630 is described here:

Currently, Myer are selling it very cheaply here in Australia, as it is a "end of line" product:

The regular price is AU$99, Myer have discounted it to AU$70, but when I went to the city store here in Perth, I was told the price is only AU$49.

Getting started
Got it home, it paired with my Mlais M52 phone, and works great. Smooth, gestures work (with qualifications).

I should mention -- most important -- when I turned it on, it was as dead as a Dodo. I left it on charge for awhile and that fixed it. Lithium batteries normally come new at about 50% charged, but they do self-discharge. it may be that my mouse has been on the shelf at Myer for a very long time. Myer seems to be Apple-oriented, which is perhaps why they are dropping the T630.
I recall reading that it is not good for a lithium battery to completely discharge, so it may be that my battery is compromised. The mouse can be opened up, and it is probably a standard battery.

OS compatibility
Logitech do not officially support Linux or Android, only Windows (and the T631 supports Apple Macs). However, from reading around, it works fine with both Linux and Android.
For example, Linux:

Reading Logitech's forum, Windows users are having problems, in particular the pairing dropping out. One situation is that pairing is lost after a reboot. Another user reports having to recharge it twice a day (though it is supposed to last 10 days).

Android tests
This guy has tested on a Samsung Note 10.1 and identified one problem:

...yes, the keyboard. Same problem on my phone. However, for me it is not a problem, as I intend to use a Bluetooth keyboard at the same time.

I rebooted my phone, and I am pleased that I had the on-screen keyboard back. But, as soon as I moved the mouse, the on-screen keyboard disappeared, and I had the mouse pointer. This behaviour I am very happy with.
So, pairing has occurred after a reboot -- take that, you Windows users

Gestures and double-finger-taps are designed for Windows, and though things do happen on my phone, I haven't yet figured it out. But, left-tap and up-down scrolling is working and that is mostly what I want. Right-tap acts as the "back" button.

Left-right scrolling doesn't seem to be working, and this mouse does not support pinch-zoom at all. So, still have to use the finger on the screen sometimes.
Note, left-right scrolling is working in this video with a Samsung phone:

This mouse is great! Rechargeable, so no need to replace batteries. Highly portable. Compared with a "normal" mouse, I have nothing negative to say, it works very nicely, and I have no problem with its very small size.

Stay tuned, I plan to do a review soon with a Bluetooth keyboard, and the T630 mouse.
There is one thing I need to state in advance though -- my phone works great with a Bluetooth keyboard and T630 mouse. There are some suggestions on a forum that as the T630 seems to think it is both a mouse and a keyboard, that an actual Bluetooth keyboard might not work. However, no problem -- I own a Logitech K480 keyboard, and it works great with the T630.
However, I am working toward "traveling light" and want a smaller and lighter keyboard, which I have on order. Will report back on that combo.

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