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Softmaker Textmaker HD

May 03, 2015 — BarryK
Textmaker HD is a powerful word processor app for Android. Many people say it is the best of all the office word processors for a tablet. Home:

The HD means that it is intended for a tablet, that is, a larger screen.
However, with a stylus or mouse, it is usable on a phone.

I did briefly try with a capacitive stylus, but it would probably work best with the fine-point Samsung Note series stylii.
Or a mouse, either bluetooth or USB.

I had saved my Textmaker .apk file, and reinstalled it after resetting my phone.
However, when I tried to run it, there was a message about invalid key, and quit.

Oh dear, I really am up against it, trying to avoid Google login! I probably have to go back to the Play Store and reinstall it.

Note, there is an app called Log Out! that logs out from all Google accounts. This after-the-event logout is not what I really want though. I want to manually manage both login and logout.

If I login to the Play Store using Chrome, Android will grab that info. I might try Firefox.
problem with Firefox on Android, I don't like it -- even the basic Android feature of double-tap to magnify text is not supported, which is pretty poor.


I had to run the Play Store app, so Android registered my gmail account as my primary login.

Then, when I started Textmaker HD, it was able to verify the license, and ran OK.

So, automatic login to google is deeply ingrained in how Android works. One has to live with it.

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