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HB-2000 keyboard design fault

June 12, 2015 — BarryK
In my on-going "traveling light" project, I wrote about the tiny Bluetooth HB-2000 keyboard:

I own a couple of other Bluetooth keyboards, that are unwieldy in comparison. The HB-2000 is smaller and considerably lighter than them, eminently suitable where size and weight are important, such as traveling with a backpack or when a "carry on" bag is one's only luggage.

The HB-2000 is also considerably cheaper than the brand-name keyboards. However, I have discovered a design fault, shown in this photo:

At each side at the front, there are rubber feet, that glue to the printed circuit board. See the cutout in the metal frame.
The problem is that the printed circuit board is only glued, with sticky glue, to the metal frame, and the rubber feet are affixed to the board only, not the frame.

Consequently, after using for awhile, the printed circuit board lifts away from the metal frame, and the rubber feet sink into the frame.

I first noticed this when the keyboard started to wobble on a flat surface. At first, I wondered how the frame could have become distorted, then closer examination revealed the cause.
Is this just stupidity, or didn't the designers care?

I fixed it by moving the rubber feet onto the frame, and might look around for bigger feet that will cover up the metal cutout.

I still love this keyboard!

Another thing that I want to do is construct a cover, to protect the keys when packed tightly inside a backpack or whatever. The cover can be opened up, and I envision having a slot in it, into which my phone can be inserted, so it becomes a mounting base for the phone.
...if anyone has this keyboard, or plans to buy one, and wants to design such a cover, I welcome your thoughts on it.


I also own a Microsoft Universal Mobile Bluetooth keyboard, that is very nice, but at 380gm is a bit outside my weight goal.
I might do a little review of it anyway, for the benefit of readers who might not be bothered by the extra weight and want to know how it compares against my other keyboards.

I have just now ordered another, very small and light, a folding keyboard:

Price is about AU$43, or US$32, including expedited Toll courier delivery. It is a little bit cheaper from DX's international site, free shipping by the much slower China Post.

I commented in the above post that I want a cover for the HB-2000, for protection when stowed in tight spaces. Well, a folding keyboard takes care of that.

I will review the folding keyboard when it arrives.

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