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Plasma Mobile

July 27, 2015 — BarryK
Yet another phone operating system!

See overview here:

And their new home page:

The project borrows a lot of code from Ubuntu Touch, apparently, but uses Wayland instead of Mir. Wayland already has some history on phones, as I think Sailfish OS uses it.

Plasma Mobile is intended to run many apps, including Android, Ubuntu Touch, and yes, even GTK apps.


I have previously expressed reservations about Ubuntu Touch, for example here:

Here is another review:

Interesting that these reviewers are just confirming what I already felt about Ubuntu Touch.

I have reservations about the gestures UI, and also about Scopes. This latest review has reinforced those reservations.

An extra point: for those on a limited data plan, which is just about everyone, I think those Scopes are going to chew through the data more than you would like.

So, it is good that Plasma Mobile is emerging. If only they can get to something usable in a fairly short time span!

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