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Appmethod looking good

August 24, 2015 — BarryK
I posted recently about Appmethod:

I am getting stuck into learning how to use it. Reckon it will take several months before I can rate myself as a competent app developer.

I want to use Sqlite for an app that I plan to develop, and checked out some requirements that I need. Sqlite supports searching of binary blobs in fields, one tick. Appmethod supports encryption of Sqlite database files, another tick.

Appmethod supports coding in Object Pascal or C++, and I will go with the latter. I only understand basic C coding, so right now getting stuck into learning C++.

My laptop still has the original Windows 7 Home Premium. Did an update, but I'm not going to update to Windows 10, not for awhile anyway.
Haven't used Windows for ages, and it is ok, except rather puzzling all the hard drive activity. I am doing nothing, no applications running, and the hard drive activity light keeps flashing on, never stops -- what on earth is Windows doing?!!!

Anyway, lots of fun!


See my final conclusions about Appmethod here:

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