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C++ textbook

August 29, 2015 — BarryK
I borrowed a couple of C++ books from my local library, however, as I am "really getting into it", decided to buy one.

A book that looks really good is "C++ Primer Plus", 6th Edition, 1200 pages. has it for US$30, but that is the original printing in 2011. Apparently, there was a reprint in 2012 with typos and other errors fixed, still the 6th Edition.
It costs, I think, about US$17 to post to Australia.

So, hunting for the 2012 reprint, I found it selling cheaply here in Australia, for AU$48 (+ $3 Express Post):

That would be one of the cheap reprints in Asia.

The one published by Pearson in the USA is selling here for considerably more (hmm, and it is only the 2011 edition):

I have ordered the book from Bookware.


I am pleased that the book has arrived.

Express Post is supposed to have overnight delivery between city centres across Australia.

My book was posted on Friday afternoon, and when it had not arrived by Monday evening, I emailed an enquiry to Bookware.
I got good customer service, a snapshot of the Australia Post delivery record, on Tuesday morning.
And yep, there it was in my letterbox this morning.

My address is in suburbs of Perth, so Express Post has taken a bit longer.

Anyway, pleased with the customer service, and the book was well-packed.

It's a massive book, 1200 pages.

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