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Convert Object Pascal to C++

August 27, 2015 — BarryK
I worked through this example app that uses a SQLite database:

Some of the code is obscure, however, I do hope to eventually grasp what is going on.

I have made some mods to the example, one of which is to have a 'blob' datatype in one column of the database.
But then, I did not know how to convert text into blob format for storing in the database. Then found this:

FMX is an ancronym for Firemonkey, the UI framework used by Appmethod. is a very interesting site, lots of examples, but it shows the Delphi heritage and most code is in Object Pascal.

The blob-read-write code is also in Object Pascal, however I found a converter:

...downloading it now. It's a Windows executable.


No, that converter is too complicated.

However, I found this:

...Delphi 2 Cpp Builder, does a reasonable job, designed to convert code fragments.

I used it, but it is hardly worth the trouble. It converted such a small part of my code-snippet, that I might as well just have done it all manually.

Hardly worth using for free, certainly not for the 40 bucks they want after 30 days.

My opinion of course! -- maybe others will have more joy with it.

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