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Remix OS on a smartphone?

September 20, 2015 — BarryK
I reported recently that I pledged for the Remix mini PC, Kickstarter campaign:

It looks like I will be getting it late-October.

I am most intrigued by the concept, as I think leveraging on an existing phone OS, being able to use all Android apps, in a windowed desktop environment, is so much more pragmatic and likely to succeed compared with, say, Canonical's reinvention of the wheel with Ubuntu Phone.

When I first came across Remix OS, I immediately thought what a natural it would be for the "convergence phone" concept. I wondered if JIDE (the company behind Remix OS) were thinking along these lines.
Someone (Geoff Topolski) recently asked them:

In the future, will Remix OS be able to run on smartphones? And if so, do you plan on implementing some sort of Ubuntu Mobile style convergence? e.g. when you connect your smartphone to a larger display, it will automatically change into windowed application mode?

Response from JIDE:

This is definitely something we're looking into! Stay tuned!


JIDE, incidentally, is not a couple of guys in a garage. They have serious backing, with 100 employees.

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