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January 03, 2016 — BarryK
For a very long time, I have been with Hostgator. My account has primary domain, with addon domains,,

I wanted to change the primary domain name, as I plan to give away (and, probably to Mick Amadio (01micko).

However, it is rather complicated to do, and I need to redesign my site layout drastically. So, I decided to start a new account with Hostgator.
This time, the primary domain is

I created a .htaccess file to redirect to, as the latter is now my preferred domain name. is still pointing to the old Hostgator site. seems to be in limbo right now., and are registered with domain registrar, and I have moved, or rather attempted to move, to another registrar (

Had a lot of trouble with Netregistry, the EPP code, which is the authorisation code required to perform the transfer, turned out to be wrong, and they gave me another one.
Despite my domain being unlocked, they required me to submit an online application, which they took days to respond to, and then only when I phoned them.

Anyway, when I had the supposedly correct EPP code, the transfer to Omnis took place, with advice that it could take up to 5 days.

Comments is now redirected to:

This site is now archived, frozen.

I have just sent an email to Mick Amadio, with login details to Netregistry. So, Mick can, if he wants, setup a new site for and

The site points to is administrated by raffy (Puppy Forum name), so perhaps that one can be left alone.

Anyone who wants to have input to setting up a new site for, get in contact with Mick (01micko on the forum).

Updated and corrected a few things, plus have added a link to

Sometimes, people have complained that they cannot find information about the latest "official" releases of Puppy, such as the announcement and download links.
They are announced on Distrowatch and my blog, but Forum member raffy maintains the above news site, with details of Puppy releases.

Up until now, a new "official" release has been announced on my blog, then Distrowatch picks it up from there.
However, as I go more into the background, my blog will no longer be the place to announce new pups, instead one of the other sites, such as raffy's news site, will serve that purpose.

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