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Bug net for travelers

June 11, 2016 — BarryK
I have been considering how to reduce the weight of my hiking gear. One considerable item is the tent, weighing anywhere from 700gm to 1.5kg, depending on how much money you want to spend.

I have considered a bug net and tarpaulin combination, and have come up with a very minimal configuration, but perhaps too minimal.

I bought one of these:

Only US$20 including international postage.

I didn't buy this specifically for camping, but for situations where I am traveling and sleeping in shelters, or hotel/hostel rooms.

It is a one-person fully-enclosed bug-net, with waterproof base, slightly raised sides (bathtub design) and two cords to tie it up.
This is what it looks like in its bag:

Claimed weight is 230gm, however, I weighed it at 263gm, including two lengths of cord (that came with it).

If I take it on my next hike on the Bibbulmun Track, in the shelters there is wood framework to tie the cords onto, at least at the head end.
The result is adequate head-space, if I want to read before sleeping:

I felt like there was enough room to roll around in, but perhaps a large (wide) person might not think so.
I fitted in my inflatable mattress and sleeping bag OK.

As well as using it in shelters, it could even be used on top of a bed, to keep bed bugs away. I might take it on my next trip to India, though I was never bothered by bed bugs on previous trips -- it remains as a theoretical possibility.
Mostly, I want protection from mosquitoes.

This bug net could be used outside, and I have been toying with using my Sea To Summit ponch/tarp, tied up like this:

It is just long enough, though there is risk of rain being blown in at the ends. It also requires two conveniently-spaced branches, which might be a challenge.

I would probably carry the poncho anyway, in wet weather, so this combination gives me a tent for only an extra 263gm, plus metal stakes (another 70 - 100gm).

Anyway, this post is my mini-review of the enclosed one-person bug net. Very cheap, well made, light, compact, I can see scenarios where it will be very useful for me.


I posted to the Aussie bushwalking forum about this mini-review:

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