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Kitchen on-the-go

July 20, 2016 — BarryK
I am getting the items together for an upcoming overnight hike.
This time I might take my cooking gear, and this post shows what it consists of.

I decided to take my Vargo Triad alcohol stove, that I reviewed here:

Almost everything packs inside my TOAKS 700ml titanium pot. This photo shows all the items. On the left are items that do not fit inside the pot (spoon, insulite cozy, bag-closer):

The items are windshield, box of matches, collapsible silicone cup, Triad stove, holder for multivitamins, sponge, folding scoop, folding knife, pot with lid, and carry-bag.

I am intending to do very simple cooking, just boiling water for drinks and cup-a-soup, and for making porridge, so I won't take the Big Sky insulated cozy-pouch. Just the spoon.

Notice the cylindrical shaped orange item -- that is a TOAKS titanium wind shield. I have experimented with various windshields, and I really like this one as it is so light, 16gm including bag, and rolls up small enough to fit in the 115mm diameter pot. Manufacturer's page:

Everything fits inside the pot, and the whole thing, including carry-bag, weighs 250gm:

Not too bad, a complete kitchen for 259gm, including the spoon.

There is one other vital item though, the methylated spirits, which is going to double the weight, thereabouts. For an overnighter, or just a few nights, I could use a smaller bottle. I am currently using a 250ml Selleys wood-glue bottle. With almost-full meths, it weighs 220gm.

Here is a photo of the Selleys bottle:

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