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Bluetooth keyboard and mouse

September 04, 2016 — BarryK
The saga continues. I have a collection of bluetooth keyboards and mice.

I have an interest in using them with my phone, see this post in May 2015:

Now for the 2016 attempt! The Logitech T630 touch mouse is OK, but there is no operating system, apart from Windows, that can use its special touch features, such as pinching.

What I really want is a "normal" mouse, with roll-wheel, USB-rechargeable Bluetooth. This is what I have just bought:

One of my cheap Bluetooth keyboards just died, without hardly any use. The one I like best, and still working, is the HB-2000, see link at top, however, construction is sub-professional.

So, having another go. I have just bought this, USB-rechargeable folding keyboard, made by Audiosonic:

It looks really well made, and comes with a neat little stand to hold your phone at an angle -- too small for tablets probably.

I haven't actually used these yet. This is the latest to be tested in my on-going "traveling light" series.

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