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Kernel 4.4.45 compiled

January 31, 2017 — BarryK
I recently compiled the 4.4.44 kernel, with namespaces and cgroups enabled (though only "devices" cgroups).

A bit more online reading and I found more configuration settings that look good when working with containers. So have now compiled the 4.4.45 kernel with these turned on.

Typing from my handwritten notes, here they are:

Device Drivers ->

[*] Support for multiple instances of devpts CONFIG_DEVPTS_MULTIPLE_INSTANCES
[*] Network device support ->
-*- Network core driver support ->
<*> Virtual ethernet pair device CONFIG_VETH

In my notes, I have written that for the multiple devpts, mount with "mount -o newinstance ..."
CONFIG_VETH supports a local ethernet tunnel.

A progress note: my "next generation" Quirky, codenamed "Easy", boots to the desktop. Details to follow.


Just to confirm, I am now able to mount /dev/pts inside a container. Could not before.

This way:

# busybox mount -t devpts -o newinstance devpts /dev/pts

Tags: easy, linux