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More stability issues with E200HA

February 08, 2017 — BarryK
Ha ha, it has got worse. Running the new "Easy Linux" Quirky on an overlay filesystem, stability has become worse. I was getting a very occasional freeze with the full installation of Quirky, but it has become more frequent when running on an overlay f.s.

Apart from seemingly random freezing, I have been getting a degradation. I suddenly notice the degradation, such as apps not starting, even htop, and xload shows CPU usage has gone through the roof. Requires holding down the power button to shutdown.

I wondered if the overlay f.s. was to blame, so patched the 4.4.47 kernel with aufs and compiled. First time ran it with aufs, it ran for an hour, no problem. Next bootup, got the UI degradation after about half an hour.

I read on the internet that this kernel boot parameter will fix freezing on the E200HA:


Rebooted, got a freeze after only a few minutes! Still using aufs. Rebooted, now it has been running for one hour and 7 minutes. Hmmm.

Using it right now, posting from SeaMonkey.


Two and a half hours, still running. Stopped SeaMonkey and let it sit there for awhile. Still good. Htop shows what is expected.

Ok, I will go back to an overlay f.s. build, with that same kernel boot param, see how it goes.

Tags: easy, linux