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Easy Linux 0.2 pre-alpha

March 18, 2017 — BarryK
Here it is, the very first upload of Easy Linux!

I have designated this as "pre-alpha", as in some respects it is incomplete, untested, or immature.

On the otherhand, you might find it works fine for your needs.

To get an idea of what Easy is all about, please do read my How Easy Works page:

The status of Easy is like how an artist creates a painting with broad strokes to build up the overall picture, then later uses finer brushes and more colours. Easy is at the "broad strokes" stage.

Having read the intro, if you are still interested, download from here:

There are no installation instructions yet, but there are some notes in the How Easy Works page. In Linux, you can write the file to a Flash stick or SD-card from the commandline, or use a GUI app.

A GUI app for Windows is USB Image Tool, that I wrote about here:

Etcher is another GUI image writer, for Linux, Mac and Windows (I haven't tried this):

You will need a Flash stick or SD-card of at least 2GB.

Please provide feedback on the Puppy Forum:

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