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VLC fixed for Easy and Quirky

March 21, 2017 — BarryK
My simpleVP frontend for the commandline vlc and other CLI video players, remains in a primitive state. I haven't had the time to work further on it. So, video playing in the latest Easy and Quirky (versions 0.2 and 8.1.6) is broken.

I have fixed VLC. This is now the GUI version, that uses Qt libs. A lot of extra DEBs were required.

I got it working, but found videos would not play full-screen, and VLC crashed at completion of playing a video.
My laptop has intel graphics. VLC defaults to using libva and intel_vaapi for video output, and this is the cause of the trouble.

I have created a wrapper script, that causes VLC to default to "xcb_x11" or "xcb_xv" video output, unless the user has explicitly chosen something else. For me, "xv" (xvideo), works fine.

I also fixed the File->Open folder path, as appropriate for Easy or Quirky.

Tags: easy, quirky, linux