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Easy Linux 0.3 alpha released

May 30, 2017 — BarryK
Easy Linux 0.2 pre-alpha was released on March 17, 2017, see blog announcement:

Version 0.2 was built from Ubuntu 16.04 DEBs. Version 0.3 is built from packages compiled in OpenEmbedded. There are many posts about this in my blog, for example:

Easy Linux is the latest in the Quirky series of experimental Linux distributions. It is a fundamental rethink. I wrote an overview here:

Easy is deployed as an image file that can be written to a 2GB or greater USB Flash stick or SD-card, and booted up on any PC with x86 64-bit CPU (core-2 or later). The above link outlines how to write the image to a Flash stick or SD-card.

Easy can also be installed to an internal hard drive. So far, I have written one how-to, for a "frugal" installation:

Note that it is particularly easy to do a frugal installation if you have booted up Easy from a USB stick. Ditto for Quirky Linux.

Download Easy 0.3 from here:

You will also see the 'devx-0.3-pyro64.sfs' file at the above link. If you download this to /mnt/wkg/repository/easy-0.3, then run Filesystem -> Easy Boot Manager from the menu, you will see an "SFS" button, to choose extra SFS files to load.

You can also choose to load the devx SFS file in the "sh0" container, if you want to experiment with compiling inside a container.
Containers are managed from the menu Filesystem -> Easy Containers.

See Utility -> Urxvt terminal in container sh0, in menu. You can examine this container at /mnt/wkg/containers/sh0. When the container is running, you can access it from "outside" at /mnt/wkg/containers/sh0/container folder.

Note that containers are highly experimental at this stage. In some respects still a primitive implementation.


You are welcome to post feedback here:

This is the forum thread that I started: last post was March 18.

We left a few issues hanging, to do with security.

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