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Easy OS 0.4 pre-alpha released

August 28, 2017 — BarryK

I have uploaded Easy OS version 0.4. I keep going off on a tangent -- the latest excursion is fun with bashblog. But, there are some guys keen to try the latest Easy, so this is for you.


Unresolved issues:
That problem reported earlier, about SNS not automatically connecting at bootup.

The desktop icons layout has changed, and you will notice two of them have symlink symbols. Need to remove those.

The is now "apps" icon on desktop, launches PupApps, but this is not configured for the apps in Easy, such as Libreoffice.

The container mechanism needs more work. I did fix some bugs since 0.3, however, want to rethink some of it, such as improving startup time. Also, the security parts of it need a lot of work.

New features:
Another new desktop icon "sfsget", you can use this to download the "devx" sfs.

Unlike previous Easy 0.3, this one is built from Ubuntu Xenial Xerus 16.04.3 DEBs.

The build includes the markdown plugin, and some other plugins, for Geany text editor.

USB flash drive image only. There is documentation on how to write it to a flash drive:

Frugal installation is documented here:

To get some idea what Easy OS is all about:


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