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New and upgraded apps for Easy 0.4

August 27, 2017 — BarryK

Easy 0.4 is due out "soon", although I keep finding more things to fix or improve.
Anyway, hopefully early next week.

I have upgraded some packages:

momanager 20170815 (L18L)
Pfind 6.3 (zigbert)
Pmusic 5.4.2 (zigbert)
YASSM 4.0 (rcrsn51)

There is also a new package, PupApps 2.2, by radky.
This app has become a "first class citizen" (borrowing the term from Ubuntu developers), with an icon labeled "apps" on the desktop.

Now radky has two apps featured on the desktop. There is also icon "setup", which launches PupControl.

Tags: easy