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Linux kernel 4.13.2 compiled

September 19, 2017 — BarryK

Yay, back onto developing Easy OS!

I have compiled the 4.13.2 kernel. Easy 0.4 has 4.11.12. Essentially the same configuration, a few more drivers enabled. Also, these changes:

This was turned off in 4.11.12, as it caused very slow bootup on the Alpha Litebook
wasn't sure about this. It defaults to "yes" so left it at that
A driver, and I chose "yes", builtin, rather than as a module

Regarding CONFIG_PATA_LEGACY, after I release Easy 0.5, if you experience slow bootup on your machine, let me know.

The kernel source, patches and build scripts, are here:

The PET is here (42.4MB):

The kernel source is available as a SFS file (152.9MB): is big because the SFS is only gzipped.

I started thinking about updating the kernel, as I was considering trying the overlay filesystem again, instead of aufs. However, after reading recent posts in various mail-lists, decided that overlay is still not working properly.  Overlay has some config options, CONFIG_OVERLAY_FS_REDIRECT_DIR and CONFIG_OVERLAY_FS_INDEX, that promise to fix some things, however, break others. Whereas aufs, on the otherhand, "just works".

So, this 4.13.2 build is staying with aufs.

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